Chaussures de gardien de tigre | Kit de broderie

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Chaussures de gardien de tigre | Kit de broderie

Introducing the Tiger Guardian Shoes DIY kit by Wang De Shou Chuang. Embrace a cherished tradition in Chinese culture by crafting these adorable shoes, symbolizing blessings of strength, protection, and good fortune for newborns.

Believed to ward off evil spirits, the tiger's ferocity serves as a protective charm for the little one. These Tiger Guardian Shoes go beyond mere footwear; they carry the rich symbolism of strength, auspiciousness, and cultural tradition.

Share in the joy of a new addition to the family or surprise a friend with this thoughtful DIY kit. Each completed pair is more than just shoes; it's a symbol of love, tradition, and a promising future for the little one.

Our kit includes an HD tutorial video and detailed graphic instructions (currently available in Chinese, with translation support if needed). Short on time for the sewing process? No worries! Our collaborative embroiderers can craft the piece for you (refer to crafting time in product details).

Chaussures de gardien de tigre | Kit de broderie
Chaussures de gardien de tigre | Kit de broderie Prix de venteA partir de €41.00

Wang De Shou Chuang


cotton threads, cloth, beads, needles, embroidery hoop


12cm (length), 7cm (height)

Entretien du produit

Hand wash only

Temps de fabrication

20 hours (for DIY); 10 days (by our collaborative embroiderers, queueing time included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So cute and well-made

Love these traditional tiger baby shoes. I got the Finished item because I don’t trust my own handicraft skills lol. They’re so well-made and chock full of little tiny details, like the little bronze bells around the tigers’ necks, the tiny golden bead that’s the pupil of the tigers’ eyes and the layers of embroidery in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Plus the little tail complete with tiger stripes is just too cute.

The colors photograph so well too. Love love love these shoes.

Laura T.
Unique Gift for Future Moms

I bought this kit as a surprise for my friend who's about to become a mom. She found it unique and heartwarming. The designs are charming. Just wish it had more thread. Overall, a thoughtful purchase for future mommies!

Amelia K.
Crafting for My Little One

As an expectant mom, I found joy in crafting these Tiger Hat and Shoes for my baby. This kit made it easy and fun. The result? Adorable! A 5-star experience!

David M.
Great for Expecting Moms

I gifted this kit to my expecting friend, and she adored it! It's a wonderful way for future mommies to channel their creativity. The hat and shoes turned out super cute. A thoughtful 5-star purchase!

Emma L.
Mommy's Handmade Touch

I wanted to add a personal touch to my baby's wardrobe, and this DIY kit allowed me to do just that. The Tiger Hat and Shoes turned out adorable. I wish it included more thread, but I'm happy with the end result. A thoughtful purchase!

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