Black Clay

Discover a black clay pottery coffee mug collection from Nixi, Yunnan province. Handcrafted by local artisans.


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Black Pottery | WaveBlack Pottery | Wave
Black Pottery | Wave Sale price€63.00
Black Pottery | Pure MugBlack Pottery | Pure Mug
Black Pottery | Pure Mug Sale price€63.00
Black Pottery | Satchel sipBlack Pottery | Satchel sip
Black Pottery | Satchel sip Sale price€63.00
Black Pottery | Linea SipBlack Pottery | Linea Sip
Black Pottery | Linea Sip Sale price€63.00
Drum JoyDrum Joy
Black Pottery | Drum Joy Sale price€63.00

About the production place

尼西 (Níxī)

Nixi Township is located in the northwestern part of Shangri-La City, Yunnan Province. In Tibetan, 'Nixi' means the place where the sun rises. The unique natural geographical conditions have nurtured soil rich in minerals, making Nixi an important area for black pottery production.