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What sets woodblock printing apart? Each woodblock undergoes meticulous hand-carving, and the printing process is entirely manual, ensuring that every print is unique, even when using the same block. Intrigued? Check out our latest collection of woodblock prints! 


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Yuán Hēng Lì ZhēnYuán Hēng Lì Zhēn
The Mouse's WeddingThe Mouse's Wedding
Woodblock Print | The Mouse's Wedding Sale priceFrom €25.00
Carp Leaps into the Dragon's GateCarp Leaps into the Dragon's Gate
Carp Leaps into the Dragon's Gate Sale priceFrom €25.00
Gan PanGan Pan
Gan Pan Sale priceFrom €25.00
Rong Hua Fu GuiRong Hua Fu Gui
Woodblock Print | Rong Hua Fu Gui Sale priceFrom €25.00


years of heritage, dating back to the 10th century China

Meet the Arsian

Rongqiang Zhang

Born in 1971 in Jiajiang county, Sichuan, China, Zhang Rongqiang is one of only two inheritors dedicated to reviving the local woodblock printing craftsmanship from obscurity. In 2010, Zhang abandoned his mounting business to fully immerse himself in the restoration of the traditional knowledge and techniques of Jiajiang woodblock printing.

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