Lacquered Porcelain

Lacquer, dating back to 5000-4500 BCE, protected early utensils, similar to later pottery and porcelain. What if we merge lacquer's elegance with porcelain's lightness?


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Lacquered Porcelain | His PerfumeLacquered Porcelain | His Perfume
Deep Sea JellyfishDeep Sea Jellyfish
Lacquered Porcelain | Maillard ReactionLacquered Porcelain | Maillard Reaction
Lacquered Porcelain | Monet's Water LiliesLacquered Porcelain | Monet's Water Lilies
Lacquered Porcelain | Monet's SunriseLacquered Porcelain | Monet's Sunrise
Lacquered Porcelain | Marble or Clouds?Lacquered Porcelain | Marble or Clouds?
Lacquered Porcelain | Monet's PondLacquered Porcelain | Monet's Pond
Lacquered Porcelain | Northern LightsLacquered Porcelain | Northern Lights
Lacquered Porcelain | Orange SkinLacquered Porcelain | Orange Skin
Lacquer knows about the magic of time


Orange Skin

100% handmade lacquerware using 'Plant Mimicking' technique, drawing inspiration from nature's wonders like leaves, fruit shells, and skins.

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Jingdezhen, China.