Cicada | Embroidery Kit

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Cicada | Embroidery Kit

Embark on a creative journey with our unique cloth embroidery DIY kit from AKACRAFT studio. In Chinese culture, the cicada symbolizes rebirth, immortality, and longevity, undergoing a remarkable transformation from a nymph underground to a mature cicada. This process is deeply associated with regeneration and the cycles of life.

Moreover, the Chinese word for cicada, "蝉" (chán), shares a phonetic resemblance with "禅" (chán), denoting Zen Buddhism. This linguistic connection ties the cicada to spiritual awakening and enlightenment in cultural contexts. Overall, the cicada holds a positive and auspicious significance in Chinese culture.

Our kit includes an HD tutorial video and detailed graphic instructions (currently available in Chinese, with translation support if needed). Short on time for the sewing process? No worries! Our collaborative embroiderers can craft the piece for you (refer to crafting time in product details).

CicadaEmbroidery DIY Kit for Beginners, Unique Auspicious Fabric sachet with auspicious cicada design. Free international delivery for orders over $100.
Cicada | Embroidery Kit Sale priceFrom €28.00



threads, cloth, needle, embroidery hoop, beads, cotton filling, mugwort


8.5cm (height), 7.5cm (width)

Product Care

dry clean

Crafting time

6-8 hours (if DIY); 7 days (by our collaborated embroiderer)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Unique, cute, but could be better

All in all great kit, will be back for more.

Pro: unique design, mugwort smells great, video instruction

Con: thread quality is not the best, no diagram, video instruction is kind of long

Still a great and fun kit, but for those of us who are not new to embroidery, it would be much better to just have a diagram indicating what type of stitch goes where instead of scrolling back and forth on a 2hr long video to figure it out. Alternatively, offer printed photos of finished products. I find myself having to come back to the website to look at the finished product to get the type of stitches just because it’s faster than scrolling through videos.

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