Qilin | Embroidery Kit

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Qilin | Embroidery Kit

Embark on a creative journey with the Qilin-themed hand-embroidery toy DIY kit crafted by Wang De Shou Chuang.

In Chinese culture, the Qilin, also spelled as 'kirin' or 'chilin,' is a mythical creature rich in symbolism. Revered for its association with good fortune, prosperity, and serenity, the Qilin holds a special place in Chinese folklore as one of the most auspicious and benevolent creatures.

This unique design allows you to bring the positive energy and mythical charm of the Qilin into your hands, creating not just a toy but a meaningful piece of cultural art.

Our kit includes an HD tutorial video and detailed graphic instructions (currently available in Chinese, with translation support if needed). Short on time for the sewing process? No worries! Our collaborative embroiderers can craft the piece for you (refer to crafting time in product details).

Qilin | Embroidery Kit
Qilin | Embroidery Kit Sale priceFrom €36.00

Wang De Shou Chuang


For DIY Kit: cotton threads, cloth, needles, filling cotton, beads, embroidery hoop


16cm(width); 17cm(depth); 20cm(height)

Product Care

Dry clean only

Crafting time

DIY completion time: 18-22 hours; Embroidery service: 9 days (including queueing time with our collaborative embroider)

Customer Reviews

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Worth the money

I bought the finished version. Very nice craft and I like the bright colour and the soft touch.

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