Ronghua Brooch | Blue Phoenix

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Ronghua Brooch | Blue Phoenix

100% handmade Ronghua hairpin in the shape of a blue phoenix with a long tail, produced by Wuyihuang - the studio of Mr. Zhao Shuxian.

This is specially designed by Mr Zhao for a popular Chinese TV series 'Scent Of Time‘ in 2023.

Mr. Zhao is the representative inheritor of Ronghua techniques in Jiangsu Province. In the 1970s, he was assigned to the Nanjing Ronghua factory at the age of 19, learning the full procedure and techniques of Ronghua making. After decades of changes, the factory has gone and Mr.Zhao is left as the only few who knows the full knowledge about Ronghua.

Nowadays, Mr.Zhao has collaborated with Dior, Hermès, and Vogue Magazine to express his understanding of Ronghua's beauty.

Blue Phoenix



100% silk and copper hardware


16cm (length), 7cm (width)

Product Care

stay dry, clean with soft towel

Crafting time

3 weeks

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a millennium-old art of decoration, traces its origins to the royal family of the Tang Dynasty in China

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